4 Reasons Why You Need a Car Location Tracker Device for School Fleet

4 Reasons Why You Need a Car Location Tracker Device for School Fleet

Nowadays, schools tend to compete with each other to provide the best facilities to their students. Providing students with a safer commute is one of the most significant areas of worry that is still not given much consideration. Everyday, students are exposed to different kinds of risks when they ride to and from school. In the past, several cases of tragic accidents have put fear and anxiety in parents' minds.

To provide parents with complete peace of mind when they are sending their children to school, schools must take concrete measures to ensure the safety of children to and from school. One such solution for schools could be to equip school transport with an advanced car location tracker device.

Find out why you need a car location tracker device for your school fleet:

1. Keep a Check on Driver's Activities

One of the first key things to do is guarantee that the drivers of school transport do not drive recklessly. It exposes children to the possibility of injury as drivers engage in over-speeding and overtaking.

An advanced car location tracker device with smart alert features can ensure that the school authority knows about any such activity and takes appropriate action. For instance, a location tracker sends alerts when the vehicle exceeds a particular speed limit or the driver is using a phone while driving.

2. Prevent Violence

Students can participate in fights or other violent acts during travel, which can lead to injuries. If the school buses are fitted with a robust car location tracker device that comes with an integrated camera, authorities can keep a check on their transport constantly.

In case of a confrontation among students or the driver engaging in some questionable activities, the authorities can keep an eye on it all. This will make it easier for them to take prompt action. Students and drivers can therefore refrain from participating in any such practices.

3. Prevention of Unsafe Use Of Vehicle

When the school bus's driver lets an unregistered driver take control of the vehicle, student safety can be compromised. This places students at risk. School authorities likely remain unaware of such a situation in the absence of a car location tracker device.

However, if the buses are fitted with a high-end tracker with a face recognition feature,they will know about everything that’s going on in their buses. When an unidentified driver takes the wheel, the system will send warnings to the authorities. Such timely information would enable them to take necessary action within a reasonable time.

4. Recording of Trips

Many location trackers also allow the vehicle's video to be streamed live along with tracking its location. Besides, the system stores all the data in the cloud, allowing the authorities to search all trip-related information and videos for cross-checking purposes. In the event of any complaints or legal problems, it may also offer significant assistance.

How to Ensure Safe Commute for Students?

Providing students with a secure travel experience is an important issue that all schools should pay proper attention to. And installing a high-end car location tracker device, such as KENT CamEye is ideal for this purpose. Several advanced features come with this device, such as intelligent alerts, two-way calling, cloud backup and storage, and route playback.All these features will ensure student safety by allowing authorities to do more than just track the vehicle. KENT CamEyecan be purchased from company’s website, and before buying in bulk for their fleet, school authorities can also book a free demo to understand the working of this device.

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