George Bush praises Japan's Continued support for Afghanistan

US President George W. Bush

Japanese PM Rearranges Cabinet

Japanese Prime MinisterTokyo: According to the recent reports, Japan’s prime minister

Japan Keen to Invest in West Bengal

Kolkata: The expectations of Japanese investment for upcoming plans in the State were apparently discussed by West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo A

Asian Markets Skid Further; Nikkei Cut Down 414 Points

Japan's NikkeiAsian stock markets slipped further.

Japan`s Central Bank Interjects More Funds In Money Market

Central Bank of JapanIn a bid, Japan`s central bank pumped-up 400 billion yen into money markets to control an advancement in short-term interest rates accompanying immense withdrawals in the last two days.

This is the bank’s third activity in the last 7 days amongst international concerns about US mortgages crisis.